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Various hairstyles may have sprung up over decades, but the basics still remain unchanged.

Short HairstyleA plethora of hair care products have made their entry into the market. There is a lot of confusion in the minds of many women about their use, terminology and benefits. Till recently, words like Gel, Mousse, Spritz were unheard of but today's youngsters use these words with regular frequency. To the uninitiated person, there is a major confusion about these terms. One must know the products that are available today and make use of them in the right manner. These products can bring about a sea change in one's hairstyle, when used correctly.

To put it simply, there are 3 basic types of hairstyles:

When using styling products like gels, mousses and sprays, remember to use them sparingly to avoid weighing down of the hair and causing heavy build-up. A small blob of gel is enough for short hair. You can double that amount for long hair. But apply only half the amount at first, and then apply the rest so that the product is evenly distributed throughout the hair.

Chin length hair has to be trimmed every 6-8 weeks. This is the best style for those who don't like frequent cuts and don't have the time to style.

Medium length hair has to be cut every 6 weeks. This is mainly suitable for women who like long hair and the versatility it offers in styling. It should be conditioned every week.

Short hair with steps should be trimmed every 4 weeks. This is most suitable for the women who do not like any fussy styling and don't mind frequent trims.

How To Find The Perfect Hairstyle For You

You might find yourself trying to establish the right hairstyle that perfectly suits you. Most of us make the wrong decision about our hairstyle because we do not take enough time to consider the styles that are available and also the ones which are compatible to your hair. The following are some of the key factors that you should consider before you decide which style to follow.


Face ShapeIt is important to note the shape of your face so as to determine the length of your hair. In this factors, it is important to choose a haircut that will ensure that your face is kept at the right position and that it is complimented. Some of the hair styles really mess up your face's shape, hence the negative compliments.

Consider if your shape is round, oval or square. Note that if you have a round face shape then you will most likely suit in almost all styles. However, those with square and oval faces will find a hand time since the square shape faces have longer and wider jaws hence they may require a hair-style that will hide some of the parts of their faces.


It is also of utmost importance that you know the texture of your hair. The various hair textures also have their own different hairstyles that make them look very good. For instance, the silky or soft hair textures may not require very complicated hair styles yet they will still look good on you. However, the tough hair texture will require more of your attention so as to look perfect and in a presentable manner.

Learn how to work with the texture of your hair to establish the best hairstyle. In addition to this knowing the texture of your hair will also help in reducing the cost of making your hair. Most of us would require soft hair since it is compatible with most of the hairstyles and you can change it frequently without making any complicated changes.


You can use a good hairstyle to highlight some of the body features in your face that you consider being sexy and nice. In this case, some of the features that you would want to expose is your beautiful nose. For this reason, you may get a style that ensures that your nose is fully exposed. You may also highlight your eyes and get your hair ending just above your lashes.

Despite this, you can also use a hairstyle to hide some of the features in your face that you do not find to be very pleasing like a long forehead. You can clear up this by having a weave cut that completely covers the forehead.

You can also cover wide ears with a good ponytail and be sure that you will no longer be noticed because of your wide ears. You can also spice up your hair by adding some color. Note that the black color of your hair may be very monotonous and by trying other colors to your hair you will be widely noticed. These colors that you dye your hair with should, however, be compatible with the color of your face to avoid a major difference. For ladies, they might prefer various shouting colors such as pink, green and yellow while for most of the men you would consider simple colors such brown.


Using a hair straightenerIt is important that you ensure that your hairstyle is changed from time to time. Do not let the style you are on to stay for a very long time since it may become boring. Also with an overstayed hairstyle then you will have your hair looking old.

This majorly goes to the ladies who wear weaves. Some of us keep the weave for a very long period until at some point the weave starts producing a certain foul smell. This is not even healthy to your hair, therefore, ensure that you change the weave from time to time.

It is not compulsory that you visit a hair expert to have your hair done, you can always play around with your hair while at your own home and come up with simple hairstyles that make you look nice. If you have naturally curly or wavy hair, you can temporarily change to a straight hairstyle using a flat iron.

You would also prefer to go through some of the top celebrities and their hairstyles. Here you can choose a style and decide to try it on. However, it is important to consider the shape of this faces to establish that which is similar to yours.

With the information above you can now head to your hair stylist and get the best hairstyle.