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How to Shampoo

Start your shampoo with warm water, rinsing the hair until it is completely soaked (not just damp). Use a soft stream of water - a hard stream of water can break off your hair at the roots. Put a small amount of shampoo in your hands and rub to make a small lather. (If you use too much shampoo, it will leave your hair extra dry , especially if your hair has been bleached.)

Now put this on your hair and massage, rubbing back and forth. (You need to rub it into the hair and scalp thoroughly in order to loosen the dirt and grease. If you don't get a good lather, just add more shampoo). Never use your nails!

If you feel you need it, wash your hair again - but this time use only half the amount of shampoo. When the lather is thick and your hair seems to have soaked it up, rinse thoroughly, time and time again, rubbing your hair to make sure the water reaches everywhere and all the dirt and shampoo are flushed out, especially at the base of the neck.

Test the water running out of your hair; when it is clear, your hair is clean. Now use your conditioner, leaving it on as long as the directions advise. Then rinse with cool water to close the pores on your scalp and make your hair shiny. If you're done rinsing, do it one more time anyway. When you are done, pat your hair with a towel - don't rub it (I have found that rubbing just knots and breaks hair, especially if your hair is thin, damaged or fragile).