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Hair Combs

A hair comb is a tool, which is used in hair care for cleaning and straightening hair. There are many types of hair combs or brushes available in the market such as metal hair brush, wooden hair combs, bristle hair brush, Plastic hair combs etc. Hair combs are available in different designs and colors from a famous brand in the market.

You need a set of good combs - a styling comb; a rattail comb (used both for combing and, with its "tail," for further styling and lifting your hair); and a wide-tooth comb, especially if you have long and/ or permed hair - it is used to minimize breakage of hair and split ends. It is also good for distributing conditioners and color evenly (keep one in your shower).

Some of you may want a pick, which is used to lift a hairstyle, to comb curly or permed hair and to remove tangles from long hair. Preferably combs should be made of hard rubber - most plastic combs have sharp edges that can cause damage to the hair.