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Hair Dryer

A blow dryer is a must! For many of us, the days when we sat under a hair dryer for two hours-rollers in place, waiting for our hair to curl and dry-are gone. The blow dryer dries hair quickly and at the same time allows you to style it into an easy, natural look.

Blowers can be purchased in different drying powers (from 850 to 1500 watts). Many also have several settings and speeds of air temperature and air flow. It is best to use a dryer that is about 1000 watts because excessive heat will overheat and overdry your hair and scalp. But it's useless to have low- and high-watt dryers-get a higher one and set it low. You can get an attachment to your dryer called a diffuser-it fits on the end and spreads and scatters the heat to dry permed or naturally curly hair.

Here are some hints on how to best use a blow dryer:

  • Keep the dryer on the low-heat setting. This will minimize overdrying of your hair and scalp while drying your hair uniformly
  • Always hold the dryer at least six inches away from your hair.
  • Keep the dryer moving - don't leave it on one spot for a long time.
  • Dry the back of your hair first, then move toward the front
  • If you want more fullness to your hair, put your head down and blow-dry until it's slightly damp. Then throw your head back and finish styling.
  • If you are using a round brush, put the hair around it smoothly and don't pull or the hair will break.