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Hair Loss

If you sometimes find hair on your brush or in the drain in the shower, this is normal. Your hair grows in cycles; it falls out naturally and is constantly being replaced. But sometimes hair loss can be a symptom of other problems (besides nutrition). If your hair is falling out in clumps, or bunches, there may be a medical reason.

Some hair loss is attributed to anemia, to diabetes, and to other diseases, so see your doctor if the condition persists. Other causes of hair loss are more or less controllable - if you take too many drugs if you're under a lot of stress, if you're addicted to crash diets, you may lose your hair. An answer may be to live a life of moderation, to eat well-balanced meals, and to take care of your hair. If you've just had a baby, don't worry because hair loss is common after pregnancy.

To treat hair that is fragile and thinning, the experts at Jhirmack suggest the following:

  1. Sleep well, eat well-balanced meals and exercise. This will start you off to a healthier lifestyle.
  2. See a doctor-if there is a medical reason for the hair loss, he or she can treat it. Ask about your vitamin intake.
  3. Wash your hair with a gentle massage and with an extra body shampoo for thin, damaged hair.
  4. Don't wear ponytails; don't use hot rollers-these can only further break and pullout your hair.
  5. Don't color or perm your hair until it grows back nice and healthy. If your hair has really been thinned out, you may want to wear a wig while you're treating the problem.