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Hair Shampooing

Think there's only one kind of shampoo? Think again! :P Here's a comprehensive list of the different types of shampoo and their uses:

Plain shampoo: Used on hair in good condition. It usually contains a soap or detergent (and is thus alkaline on the pH scale). If you have tinted, lightened or damaged hair, don't use this shampoo.

Non-stripping shampoo: For hair that has been permanently colored (it removes the least amount of color from your hair). It is an acid shampoo, mild on the hair, and usually has a conditioner in it. It can also be used on dry or damaged hair.

Acid-balanced shampoo: Has the same pH as hair and skin, and can be used on all types of hair.

Medicated shampoo: Contains ingredients designed to correct certain scalp or hair conditions. It is often prescribed by a doctor. Be sure to follow the directions carefully.

Antidandruff shampoo: Usually contains a special ingredient to counteract dandruff formation and a conditioner mixed with a plain shampoo. There are several types available for either a dry or an oily scalp. When using this shampoo, again follow the manufacturer's directions. Be sure to vigorously massage your scalp and to rinse thoroughly to remove all traces of the dandruff.

Egg shampoo: Recommended for very dry, brittle or over-lightened hair. It can be bought or made at home (add a whole egg to a non-stripping shampoo). When using an egg shampoo, rinse your hair with cool or lukewarm water; if you use hot water, the egg will congeal in your hair.

Conditioning shampoo: Contains animal or vegetable additives to correct certain defects in the hair. Coating conditioners (usually made of oil or animal fat) will be removed in the next shampoo. Penetrating conditioners (containing proteins) will often last through several shampoos. It is true that some shampoos may cause a buildup of conditioners on your hair. The solution is to switch to a less conditioning shampoo for a while.