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Hair Cut, Right Hair Style Advice

The best haircuts are the ones you can wear casually, the styles that can be altered with different blow drying techniques. Proportion is a very important factor as well. Simply put, hair that has been cut right will look and feel great.

Selecting a Haircut

It takes more than a few snips to achieve a perfect haircut. In fact, the best haircut is more often than not something you create or determine before your book your salon appointment.

Take a closer look at your face, study your features and, with some research, locate a haircut that compliments your structure appropriately, some tips to keep in mind when selecting the best haircut including the following:

  • The shape of your face is the most crucial factor to consider when choosing a haircut that suits your features.
  • People with big noses should prioritize volume. You can hide your nose and draw attention away from it by keeping a notable volume of hair at the crown.
  • If you don't like your small chin, a bob that is shorter at the nape while longer at the front would do wonders for your situation.
  • Long faces can be complemented by a substantial fringe; consider experimenting with a style that finishes above the chin.
  • You are advised against wearing hair away from your face, especially with a wide parting if you have a long nose and chin. This approach only creates more length.

Admittedly, no amount of preparation can guarantee a perfect haircut. More of than not, all you can do is hope for the best.

Avoiding Bad Haircuts

Bad haircuts, while common, are often easy to avoid. There are some approaches to cutting hair that rarely deliver positive results, mistakes that that are commonly repeated and which one should know to avoid.

The shred head (where hair is unevenly layered), the mop top (where the top layers are left too long) and the pineapple (where the top is cut too short in comparison to the rest of one’s hair) are just some of those mistakes that are more common that they should be, some tips one should keep in mind when trying to avoid bad haircuts including the following:

Do not place your trust in the first stylist you find that can handle a pair of scissors. You need to find a stylist you trust and whose track record speaks volumes before putting your head and its hair in their hands.

Endeavor to make your needs understood. Rather than making vague demands and hoping the individual in question can comprehend your request, have a thorough discussion with the stylist and explain the haircut you wish for.

In those cases where you are visiting a stylist for the very first time, arm yourself with pictures of your hairstyles in the past, this giving him or her an idea of the best way to approach your situation.

Rather than simply trusting your senses with regards to selecting a stylist, try to acquire some recommendations, particularly from people with experience in the area.

Hiding Bad Haircuts

A bad haircut isn’t the end of the world. There are always to rebound from almost all hair-related disasters, so long as you are willing to do the work, some effective approaches for dealing with and possibly even disguising bad haircuts including the following:

  1. Hair accessories are often the way to go. Try using a variety of headbands, bobby pins and anything decorative that you can find. Bobby pins are an effective weapon against uneven bangs. You can use them to pull your hair back, crisscross them over one another and use hairspray to secure your hair in place.

  2. Sparkly accessories will come handy when it comes to distracting wondering eyes from the chopped fringe. Get creative.

  3. Braiding and Updo’s will disguise most terrible haircuts. There are a number of trendy updo’s to choose from other than the ponytail, with braiding coming into play if your hair is thin.

  4. You can always rely on hair products to tame unruly haircuts, texturize and add volume where necessary. Styling cream, for example, will transform short bangs into an updo, volumizing mousse adding texture to limp hair.

  5. And if you cannot wait for your hair to grow, hair extensions are a great alternative; though you will need to find a reputable salon to get the best results.

One or two bad haircuts should never scare you away from trying something new. Bad haircuts are never permanent, so trying having fun even as you attempt to transform them into more attractive alternatives.