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Choosing a Hairdresser

Have you recently had to move away to a different city or even country? Aside from having to adapt to a new way of life, and a new environment, you have one more thing to worry about; finding a hairdresser.

This can be a traumatic experience because it probably took you weeks or even months to find your last hairstylist, and now you are faced with the same challenge. Below are a few tips that will help you find a great hairdresser in no time.

1. Know what you want.

If you simply need a hairstylist to trim your hair every 8 weeks, then you will have no trouble in finding one in a walk-in salon. Your budget will also determine what kind of hairstylist you can afford.

2. Scout your local salons.

You probably have a couple of salons in the neighborhood you live in. Why not go for a walk and check each of them out? Look inside to see if they are clean. Talk to some of the staff. Are they courteous? Are they professional? Are they experienced? Also, be keen to look at what the staff look like. Do they seem to take pride in their own appearance? If they look good enough and well put together, then the chances are that they will want the same for you as their client.

Also, take notice of the kind of equipment they use. This is often a great indicator of whether or not they like to keep up with modern trends. Lastly, do the employees look happy? A cheerful employee is likely to do a better job on your hair than a grumpy one.

3. Is someone in your building or office rocking a fabulous haircut or style?

You could ask him/her where it was done and luckily, they could point you in the right direction.